The Profession Of Live Dealer In The Live Casino

The profession of dealer in the live casino is a profession that most casino visitors know relatively little about. But that doesn’t make him a less popular profession – on the contrary! More croupiers or live dealers are needed, especially in times of crisis, when the economy is on the brink.

The profession of live dealer in the live casino

In the last twenty years the online casino industry has grown strongly worldwide and there is no end in sight until now. Today the internet combines the experience of a real casino with the virtual casino gambling offer. And the live dealer casinos in particular are becoming increasingly popular among online gamblers. They offer live blackjack, live roulette play, or live baccarat. However, most players don’t know much about how online gambling platforms work with live dealers or what goes on behind the virtual lobby.

The technology behind live casinos

Live casinos are a mixture of online casinos and real casinos. In addition to the usual range of casino games, players are offered the opportunity to play with a real dealer. The gaming table and the live dealer are made possible by the live stream technology. A technique called OCR, which stands for Optical Camera Recognition, transmits the gaming table and the live dealer in real time to all participating players. At the same time, OCR also transmits all information from the players to the dealer.

Associated with this, of course, are high-resolution cameras that are precisely aimed at the live dealer and the gaming table. Monitors are ready to show the dealer the live image. In online roulette, the wheel is equipped with sensors that are connected to the game control unit. The live dealer operates this control unit, which is the interface between the dealer and the player. He is also always in contact with the production team and the team leader.

The job of live dealer – interesting and flexible

Live dealers play a very important role in online casinos. In a virtual environment you are the connection to the online players who want to play blackjack, roulette or baccarat. The dealers are part of a perfectly functioning casino that would function badly without them.

The job of live dealer typically requires some life experience and a few other important requirements, but entry is possible from the age of 21. Interested parties must be able to see and hear excellently (keyword color blindness), must not have a criminal record, and must look and appear very tidy. Applicants should be really good at math and speak at least two languages. It is extremely important to have a good personality who can get along well with people of all kinds and to communicate well, as well as the ability to think quickly.

The live dealer profession can be extremely fulfilling and well paid. If applicants are also flexible about their place of work, the world is practically open to them.

Live dealer training

First, the prospective dealer learns everything important in his training at a gambling school. There, prospective live dealers learn all the skills they need to work in a casino. You get to know all casino games and rituals and have to know the rules of the game inside out.

Although applicants are required to have good communication skills, they are still taught quite a bit. Especially dealers who work in live streams need to be able to chat and talk to the players in front of their computer screens. In live casinos, however, dealers are much more the focus and have to communicate via live chat. All dealers must always be polite but reserved.

The training lasts at least five weeks or more, depending on which of the many different schools around the world the training takes place at. In the training to become a dealer or croupier, legal basics are also trained and the dangers of addiction are also discussed. Once you have completed basic training as a dealer, you can continue your education and, over time, have the opportunity to climb the career ladder. The profession can be practiced in real casinos all over the world or on cruise ships or in live casinos.

What the job demands

Casino dealers need to be able to be very positive with people. Patience, attention to detail and good communication skills are the basis for a successful career as a dealer in a real casino or as a live dealer in an online casino. Live dealers in online casinos have an advantage because they are much better protected from verbal attacks by the players than dealers or croupiers in real casinos. Live dealers mostly work in shifts with their colleagues in live casinos. Casinos are most active at night. Those who cannot cope with late shifts will find it difficult in this occupation.

The profession of dealer or live dealer also has positive effects. Those who have gained enough experience and used to the stresses can use this to their advantage. Good dealers or croupiers are always in demand. They can be used at important international tournaments and thus travel the world.

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